The Fully Automatic Watering System

Tropf-Blumat is a smart system that helps plants to take care of themselves! Watering occurs only when the plants actually need water, which is useful not only during vacations times but throughout the growing period.

The self-regulating sensor controls via water pressure a slow dripping and very economical supply of water, without electricity and automatic systems. Customizing for individual plant sizes and changing system conditions is possible at all times. This opens up a wide spectrum of possible uses- from balcony boxes, to tub plantings on a patio or in a solarium, to smaller bed plantings, or solitary bushes in the garden or even tomato plants in a small greenhouse.

The Blumat Water Dispenser is recommended for indoor plants, which are supplied with water from an adjacent container, its function is based on the siphoning principle. Blumat is best suited for plants that do not require a lot of water.