bambach GbR - Tensio-Technik

Measuring and Monitoring Soil Moisture Levels!

Controlling and Regulating Irrigation Systems!

Why Use Tensiometers?

Tensiometers measure the availability of water - an important factor for plants - simply and directly!
Those who grow plants try to optimise the soil moisture level in order to control the planting from an agricultural as well as economical viewpoint and at the same time to protect the soil.
A prerequisite for controlling irrigation is the collection and observation of soil moisture data.  Also, data compilation and records have become increasingly important, for example, to fulfil certain regulations. Tensiometer-Technology offers a practical and easy method to reach your goals.


Analog sensors with different signals for classical tensiometers to use it for records with data logger or for controls with irrigation controllers. more


User interface on the touch screen of the irrigation computer TensioController where the irrigation is basically controlled individually according to soil moisture. more

Plant Sensor Professional

The Koubachi Wi-Fi Plant Sensor Professional lets you monitor soil moisture, light intensity and ambient air temperature. more

TensioMark - TensioMailer

Measure the soil moisture maintenance-free by TensioMark TMA, the "dry tensiometer", and send the readings by email to the office or user. more